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Mindful Habits - Take What You Need

Mindful Habits without Forcing Yourself to Sit Still

🌻To improve our mindful habits, we don’t need to rush to "fix" or change everything at once.

We can take it one at a time.

🌻Today, or when you are ready, select one aspect of mindfulness that can benefit you and your mental wellness.

🌻You can begin by reflecting and questioning your negative thoughts. (journaling, brain dump, etc.)

🌻If that feels uncomfortable, try express your thoughts and feelings through the arts! (write poetry, draw, DIY, dance, move your body).

🌻Here are some other ways you can work on Mindful Habits

💡Set healthy boundaries (with time, with socialization, with your phone, within relationships)

💡Practice self-compassion

💡Create routines that work for you

💡Feel your feet on the ground, release tension in your body, unclench your jaw

💡Listen to your intuition, learn to trust yourself

💡Prioritize- Bring awareness to how you spend your time

Happy Feeling & Healing 💙

Jansu Psychotherapy 💙


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