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Jansu Psychotherapy Therapeutic Focus

Let's get you the individualized & effective mental health support you deserve today! 

BIPOC & Queer Identity

Navigating the intersectionality of identity is a cornerstone of my therapeutic approach, specifically tailored for individuals embracing BIPOC & Queer identities. Through an intersectional lens, I strive to create a space that honors your lived experiences while actively working towards decolonizing therapy. This involves dismantling oppressive structures, challenging stereotypes, and embracing cultural diversity within the therapeutic process. Together, we navigate your path with a commitment to fostering resilience, self-discovery, and radical self-compassion within the context of your diverse identity while fostering a commitment to values that empower authentic living.

In this brave space, your narrative unfolds, navigating the complexities of being BIPOC and Queer. Together, we find strength in vulnerability, empowering you to live

authentically and unapologetically,

while releasing 'shoulds' and shame.

Relationship & Couples Therapy

In Couples & Relationship Therapy, we delve into the exploration of values, needs and desires, including the delicate terrain of sexuality. Our collaborative journey addresses the repair of ruptures, navigating communication challenges, and establishing effective strategies for managing boundaries and responsibilities. Furthermore, we embark on the transformative process of learning the art of vulnerability, fostering a deep and authentic connection within your relationships, always noting the intersections of your identity as well as attachment needs. This holistic approach ensures that our sessions encompass the diverse and nuanced dimensions that contribute to the growth and well-being of your relational dynamics, including the exploration of consensual non-monogamy.

 Parental Support & 
Perinatal Mental Health

This is a brave space for open & honest conversations regarding caregiving. The perinatal & postpartum period brings unique challenges to all folks within a family. My focus is on supporting individuals through the journey of parenthood. Whether you are expecting, a new or seasoned parent, or simply navigating the enormous challenges of parenthood, our sessions provide a compassionate space to explore your experiences and address strategies that align with your needs & values. I support clients in managing perinatal mental health including baby blues, Perinatal Depression (PPD), Perinatal Anxiety (PPA), birth trauma, developing  parenting strategies, adjusting to new identities, parenting with partner (relational dynamics, intimacy & sex). Our collaborative work aims to promote emotional well-being & a supportive foundation for both caregivers and children. As a mother myself, who has experienced love & loss, I know that healing does not happen in isolation. Caregivers require & deserve effective & compassionate support systems.

Anxiety, Stress & Burnout

Embarking on a journey to manage anxiety, stress, and burnout is a courageous step towards a more fulfilling life. In our sessions, we collaboratively delve into the roots of these challenges, developing personalized strategies to enhance coping mechanisms and build resilience. Through a blend of evidence-based interventions and compassionate exploration, we work together to identify and challenge thought patterns that no longer serve you, fostering a sense of empowerment and mastery over stressors. Together, we create a personalized plan to manage pressures, promoting a renewed sense of balance and well-being.

Therapy for Mental Health Professionals

Amidst our noble mission to support and heal, we often forget our own need for support. The weight of our clients' stories can impact us, leading to burnout, compassion fatigue, and a sense of disconnection from our own well-being. Yet, by prioritizing our own mental health, we not only honor ourselves but also enhance our ability to serve others. In a safe, confidential space, I am here to offer you a brave space to explore your own experiences, recharge our emotional reserves, and find renewed clarity and purpose in your life. Whether you're grappling with professional stress, boundary issues, or seeking personal growth, I'm here to provide compassionate support tailored to your unique journey as a healer.

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