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Thoughts That Might Be Blocking Your Healing

👋We’ve all done it.

We’ve spent time judging our own traumas and decided on their validity, in comparison to others’ woes.

👋We’ve told ourselves: “They have it worse off than me”, “At least I had food over my head”.

We’ve spent time overemphasizing OUR role in traumatic experiences and diminished the function of others who have caused US pain: “I always CHOOSE the wrong partner”, “He was so sh**ty, I SHOULD have known better”.

💡When we spend so much of our time diminishing our traumas, we escape the opportunity to begin healing.

💡Only when we begin to let go of minimizing the pain we ARE feeling, we begin to find ways to reassess our capability to heal.

💡Here is your reminder that💡

YOUR trauma is valid even if:

🔎You can’t remember it properly

🔎It’s been years since it happened

🔎Your experience of symptoms differs from other’s

🔎You haven’t spoken about it

🔎You’ve worked through it

🔎Took you time to recognize that it was trauma

Happy Feeling & Healing 💙

Jansu.Psychotherapy 💙

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