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Navigating Anxiety with Compassion

Let's take the next few minutes to explore anxiety and discover ways to approach it with radical kindness & compassion. Our goal will be to empower ourselves to embrace feelings, cultivate mindfulness, and take meaningful actions towards a more fulfilling life.

Radical Compassion is an approach to compassion that goes beyond traditional notions of kindness and empathy. It involves a deep, unconditional acceptance and understanding of oneself and others, even in the face of imperfections, mistakes, or challenges. This form of compassion acknowledges the complexities and intersectional nature of human experiences and embraces individuals with empathy and kindness, fostering an environment where healing and growth can occur. The key here is non-judgemental awareness.

Understanding Anxiety: Imagine Lulu, a professional dealing with the pressures of a demanding job and the constant need to prove themselves. They often finds themselves overwhelmed with anxiety, feeling like they drowning in a sea of expectations. If you resonate with Lulu's experience, know that you're not alone.

Black and white image capturing a moment of self-containment and introspection. A person turned around, embracing themselves in a self-hug, symbolizing inner strength and self-love. The simplicity of monochrome adds depth to the introspective atmosphere

Embracing Compassion: This perspective invites us to accept our thoughts and feelings without judgment while committing to actions that align with our values. In the context of anxiety, this means acknowledging the emotions rather than fighting them and choosing actions that lead to a rich, meaningful life.

Quick Win: Mindful Grounding Exercise:

  1. Acknowledge Your Feelings: Lulu takes a moment to acknowledge their anxious thoughts. They recognizes the pressure they've been putting on themselves to meet everyone's expectations.

  2. Connect with Your Breath: Lulu closes their eyes and focuses on their breath. Inhaling slowly, counting to four, and exhaling, counting to six. With each breath, they feels a sense of calm washing over them.

  3. Identify Your Values: Reflecting on their core values, Lulu realizes that authenticity is crucial to their well-being. They values their mental health and personal connections.

  4. Commit to a Small Action: Lulu decides to set boundaries at work by communicating their needs. They schedules short breaks throughout the day to practice mindfulness exercises and reconnect with their values. This small but intentional action aligns with their desire for a more balanced and meaningful life.

Gentle Reminder: Healing is a journey, and each step we take matters. This is why my clients often hear me express that WE GET TO CELEBRATE OUR WINS (no matter the size). Embrace the warmth of self-acceptance, and may each small action bring you closer to a life filled with meaning and joy! You're not alone on this journey – I am here to support you taking steps towards radical self--compassion!

Thank you for joining me here!

To continue your exploration of mindfulness, self-acceptance, and meaningful value driven actions, consider the following:

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Reach Out for Personalized Support: If you feel ready to embark on a more personalized journey, book a complimentary consultation session to assess if you & I can make a great team in meeting your unique needs.

Jansu Edis (she/her), Jansu Psychotherapy 🌻

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