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Brain Dump to Untangle the Mind

Imagine having to carry all 70,000 thoughts that go through your mind everyday all day! Oooouf that would be overwhelming.

When you recognize that you may be carrying more than you have the capacity for, try untangling your mind with a Brain Dump!

Follow the 4 step process in this post and raise your awareness of how you feel before and after this strategy!

💡One of my favourite ways to brain dump is to write down all of the hats I wear and categorize my thoughts under each hat.


Mother Hat, Partner Hat, Therapist Hat, Daughter Hat, Content Creator Hat, Business Owner Hat etc.

Mother Hat: make sure winter clothes fit, make a nutritious meal for dinner, etc.

Therapist Hat: finish my notes, prep for new client onboarding, finish continuing education program by tonight etc,

and so on...

🌻Share this with folks who may also need help untangling their thoughts!

Happy Feeling & Healing

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