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Therapist's Tips for Social Media Boundaries

If you are currently feeling like you are a little too attached to your phone and social media, this one is for you!

Setting Boundaries for Social Media:

  • notice when you tend to pick up the phone (bored? anxious? before bed?)

  • don't scroll first thing in the morning

  • delete applications that don't serve you (you don't need to be active on all social media platforms, find one that feels good to you)

  • leave your phone in a different room when trying to focus

  • mute notifications that aren't urgent (don't wanna see DMs during work hours? mute them)

  • unfollow those who make you feel unworthy

  • unfollow those don't provide value (and find ones that do, there are lots of wonderful creators)

  • enjoy your life outside of the screen

  • most importantly, stop comparing your life to 10-20 seconds of someone else's curated posts.

Happy Feeling & Healing everyone,

Jansu Psychotherapy

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