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Is there a difference between being vulnerable & oversharing?

Vulnerability ≠ Oversharing

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🌻You don't have to hide your truth. Sharing your story can feel extremely empowering and validating. I am an advocate for it!

🌻However, when sharing, we also need to consider: if the timing in which we choose to share is appropriate, the capacity & boundaries of the person listening, as well as our motivations to share before doing so.

🌻Oversharing can leave the listener uncomfortable and unsatisfied in the relationship dynamic. It can feel manipulative and "taking over a space", make them feel unheard, which can result in disconnection, disengagement & distrust.

🌻Sometimes folks overshare as a misguided attempt to gain sympathy, an attempt to fast-track the intimacy in relationships or using oversharing to relieve the anxiety they feel.

🌻I wonder, if you have you ever felt like someone is inappropriately oversharing with you? Felt triggered or uncomfortable by their sharing?

🌻Ps: You cannot overshare in therapy!

Let me know! 🌻💡💙

Happy Feeling & Healing!

Jansu Psychotherapy

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