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Are you listening to understand or respond?

💡Let me share something with you that is going to truly impact your relationships!

I'm talking about noticing the differences between listening to respond vs listening to understand.

💡Next time you are in a conversation, raise your awareness of what your habits are. Where do you lean towards?

💡Do you tend to:

- feel that there should be a clear winner in the conversation/conflict?

- are you interested in their perspective?

- are you willing to adjust yours?

- do you feel defensive and attacked?

- do you focus on certain words to helo you respond?

- are you fully attentive?

- do you pay attention to the other's body language, tone of voice, along with their words?

- do you listen with your whole body? turn towards the person, show that you are listening, that you are interested.

- do you want your relationship to survive this conversation/conflict? and are your behaviors exerting that?

💡Being mindful of our habits is the first and the ONLY way to work with & through them.

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Happy Healing & Feeling🌻💛💡

Jansu Psychotherapy

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