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5 Things You Can/Can Not Control

💡There is so much that feels out of our control these days!

💡We are living through a pandemic; we feel like people are making decisions for us constantly.

💡We are parents with kids who; have their own ideas of a good time, and different capacities than we do.

💡We are partners and friends; with different love languages and needs.

💡Acknowledging what we can and cannot control is a step forward in activating more pleasure and less stress in our lives.

Here are 5 things you can control:

🌻1. Taking mindful moments and breaths

🌻2. What we watch watch/read in the news and social media

🌻3. How we speak to people around us (our kids, partners, family members, etc.)

🌻4. How kind we are to ourselves and how we self soothe

🌻5. Our attitude and enthusiasm

Here are 5 things we can not control:

🌻1. People’s reactions, what other folks say and do

🌻2. Choices of other folks, even when we feel like we know better

🌻3. Other people’s opinions of us

🌻4. The passage of time

🌻5. The amount of empathy someone has for us

💡When in doubt, take the following step to remind yourself of what you can control, what you can influence and what is out of your control.

💡Focus your energy on things that you can control and influence.

I’m with you! 💙


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