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Jansu Psychotherapy

Supporting You in Your Journey to Feel & Heal All Parts of You

Hi there, I am Jansu (she/her), a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) and the founder of
Jansu Psychotherapy.
My virtual doors are open for you!

Jansu Psychotherapy is a safe & affirming space, dedicated to supporting individuals & folks in relationships, looking to raise their self-awareness,
sit with their BIG feelings, unlearn problematic "shoulds", let go of shame & find pleasure in life.

In our sessions, you can expect to feel a compassionate & non-judgemental presence while we work through the challenges that bring you in. 
I am ready to welcome you as you begin to explore your wants & needs and create the life
you value & yearn for. 

Join me just as you are and let's begin to have authentic, tough & tender conversations about
your mental wellbeing.


Jansu Psychotherapy Menta Health Services
Jansu Pschtherapy Menta Health Services

Wether diagnosed or not, living with symptoms of anxiety & depression can often feel overwhelming & discouraging when faced alone. With the right rapport with your therapist & effective coping strategies, you can begin to feel more more comfortable with your big feelings, understand your thought patterns, triggers & find coping strategies that work for you to live in ways that bring more joy to your life.


Jansu Pschtherapy Menta Health Services

Perinatal Mood Disorders
& Parental Support

Birthing folks & parents experience one of the biggest life transitions, yet are left to fend for themselves in the postpartum period.

If you or your partner are experiencing the effects of baby blues, postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression, birth trauma, loss, intrusive thoughts, or require parental skill building, now is the time to reach for support, get back to mental wellness & be the person & parent you want to be!

Some stress in life is expected. However, excessive stress can lead to more severe mental & physical health concerns. 

Through self-awareness, self-compassion, self-care & unlearning of problematic ideologies and intentional look into the systems of oppression, you can begin to decrease the chances of experiencing burnout & enjoy life a valued life.

Jansu Pschtherapy Menta Health Services

Partners in all stages of their relationships navigate distress, ruptures & repairs, life transitions, communication issues, changes in personal & relational desires and needs.

Therapy can be a safe space for all partners to feel heard and seen & come together as a team.

With a specialization in working with bi-cultural & LGBTQ2IAS+ folks in various relationship structures; including monogamous & polyamorous relationships,

I help folks who are navigating intersections of their identities within the relationship.

Stress, Overwhelm 
& Burnout

& Anxiety

Relationship Counselling

My doors are open for you,
so join me just as you are. 

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